You’re beautiful now

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I was messaging my mum and sisters the other day (we group chat A LOT), and my mum said something that made me feel really sad. We were talking about my sister’s upcoming wedding, and my mum was worried she looked fat in the dress she’d bought.

Now I’m not going to lie. I’d tried on my bridesmaid dress a few days before, and my eyes had expertly picked out every flaw. Arms too big and flabby, but if I got a fake tan and didn’t press them against my sides I might get away with it. That darned weak chin (ignore it), and dark bags under my eyes (concealer?). The back of the dress was lovely and low, but I saw shoulders not broad enough and too rounded. Mummy tummy? Tick. I scrutinised the bottom of the dress. I could just make out my saddle bags. Damn. I looked at every possible angle, and thought maybe if I tried harder I could lose a bit of weight. Spanx might help. If I wasn’t so weak and love cheese so much. Maybe if I didn’t eat for one day a week…

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