How are you feeling today? Now answer honestly.

Do you ever ‘check in’ with yourself? Last week was the UK’s first Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, and I’ve been reading some very raw and honest stories: first-hand accounts of post-natal depression (PND), medication and breast feeding, and the realities of motherhood when things aren’t falling into place. My own experience seems insignificant in … More How are you feeling today? Now answer honestly.

Resting parent face

You’ve no doubt heard the term Resting Bitch Face, given to men and women who unintentually look angry or annoyed when their face is at rest, or showing no expression. But have you ever thought that maybe we parents have our own unique, resting face? Take a look at the mums and dads around you. Take … More Resting parent face

Embrace the chaos

The baby is rocking like a crazy person and I think is it because I haven’t read to him today? It’s 6.20pm, and instead of sitting with him in the nursery I’m frantically ladling soup from the pot on the stove to the food processor. ‘Almost done baby’ I say, watching the clock. The dog creeps by, out the … More Embrace the chaos